Sunday, December 21, 2008

Are You Ready?

My friends are a little concerned about me. We went out for our annual peeps dinner last night (Big, fat, fun!) and more than a couple of my girlfriends are freaking out because I really haven't done much Christmas shopping yet. What's the hurry? There are still three FULL days of shopping left. I do best under pressure and I'm sure I'll find the perfect gifts! Besides, how hard can it be to find fruitcakes for everyone on my list? It's one stop shopping!


C Maisy said...

I'm with you...what's the rush. In the end everyone gets what they want. Especially me.....everyone's faces when they open their presents.

laurie said...

Cute, cute pictures! You and I need to feel the pressure before we can shop! I definitely AM feeling the pressure today. laurie